Member Affiliate 50/50 plan

The Network University offers its registered member affiliates the opportunity to make money with us,by introducing its services, the radio program the warehouse program and the website complete and as seperate programs.

   Sponsor a radio program      

The Network University radio show is streamed live over the internet and now you can sponsor a show with your professionally produced commercial played during your program. The price is amazingly discounted for our members at $129.95 per show.

50/50 Plan Affiliate commission- $64.90




W Website Program

Introduce the Network University at $39.95 per month

50/50 plan affiliate commission- $19.90 paid monthly for 6 months with active membership.


    Website Member benefits 

      .  Tax consultation with our specialist.

  • Member to member lead program.            
  • Sponsor an Internet radio program

      .  Your own personalized website.               Register Here

                                                                       Members only programs

Notice: We ONLY pay commissions via PayPal, so if you don't have a PayPal account, you can get one at .